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Please note that comes with the new Tacx trainer software 3. 10 i-Magic Virtual Reality trainer Tacx Fortius T1940 is now standard in rear drive. The Fortius speaks to the imagination, tickle your fantasies and leads to new heights. The Fortius is connected to PC via USB-interface wheel and managed. Select with the arrow keys press the race, wherever you want. Bike cycle opposition parties real racing where supported by the public and should use their talents in order, not hit by one of his opponents. Or embark on a beautiful mountain landscape, where the Sun is shining, the birds are singing and the holidays always seem to be. Visit the villages or bike along extensive meadows. You're the Director of your programs. Want to learn more about the Tacx trainer? Here you will find our suggestions page. Special opportunities are many variations possible in terms of riding. You can choose between a bicycle race or track of ATP or would not go on or stop and this camera angle with your heart rate with a guide. The latter may change during the cycle. What are the specific perspectives. The camera angle is extremely varied. Where 2 feet away, leaving the driver's eye or the air watch, which offers a beautiful view of the site to see. During a game, you can even with the setback appears, so you can see the overview, where opponents have been found. To make it all exciting to follow in a bar on the lower graphic display of its position in relation to their opponents at the time. You can view information such as speed, Cadence, power, exercise heart rate, number of revolutions, a cycle in the velodrome or the rate of increase of the road while traveling. The start menu is very easy to use. In short, we see that the site will be chosen, how to ride a bike and what are the parameters. It's simple, the driver had to change composition in the area, there are many ways. Select to make pre-programmed routes or the process. Her greatest desire per cycle occurs. and only the Tacx i-Magic, Fortius Beginningby is a virtual reality trainer that makes your dreams come true. Unmatched quality of programs immerse magic realistic, in a world of fantasy and interactive inside the pedal. Change the environment during training. The virtual world can see, feel and hear. You decide where you're going. Magic, corresponds to the Fortius engine brake, with its specific forms, with everything, what you can find on the road, so it's a virtual reality additional effect is greater. Set the hard disk Director, contests or provide and embark on a journey of discovery. There are so many details that used to unveil new experiences to other programs, the i-Magic. In addition, there are several areas added in the near future. Makes the i-Magic, a dependency that is, but it's hard!Tacx i-Magic software included Analyzer Tacx Analyzer software offers a variety of reporting functions. Thanks to this software, which allows you to put your data on the PC screen will be presented. The advantages are clearly arranged in tables and charts, printed, can be displayed if desired. The big advantage is that you can use to analyze training. This scientific approach stimulates the most modern training methods to expand training. The RealiteitsformuleBij engine brake with the development of i-Magic has grown in particular attention to the functioning of the motor brake. Special formulas programmed software, is for this role, air, Hellingsweerstanden so finding the bike path actually be realistic and concrete. Each millimeter of the country is facing resistance in the brake, directly or on the street (asphalt), the course or the loop on the lawn. The exact braking system has the advantage of being a high degree of reproducibility makes. The brake is equipped with a steering wheel extra heavy steel ensures great inertia. One positive point is that integrates the brake fortius fitness blog sensor, making the diameter of the bicycle wheel PAS should be together. The brake function is defined by the Snelspanhendel against the individual bicycle tires the band against the pressure of the braking unit is always the same, and the bike can be easily positioned in the car. TrainerDe is based on the i-Magic virtual reality Simulator Fortius ergonomic frame gives a natural feeling during exercise. The frame is equipped with an innovative and equipped with a motor with electromagnetic brake folding which makes the boiler. Summary: the new reality very different DVD software with Parcourtypen 3-Graphics-Demo: Callisto-Atlantis (on the road)-(a mountain bike trail-Olympus (a mountain with slopes of long and tiring road)-new SoftwareCatalyst SoftwareTacx trainer software 3) 0 analysis of the Tacx trainer software features expanded considerably there are many innovations in the field of graphic cards and operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 64-bit in recent years on the other side. Why Tacx was to develop software Tacx trainer, again with the latest techniques. 3 version. 0 is extremely easy to use and completely redesigned. See demo clip to get an idea of the possibilities. 3 version. 0 comes with the Tacx VR trainer and is also available separately. Tacx trainer software 3. 0 consists of five courses animated MTB: loop with Virtual PC driver 3D, virtual reality and racing. Films for the choice of coach VR 30 legendary film and stage cycling classic (option). Bicycle TrainingBuiten of real life, in the wells using GPS with Google Earth data. Unlimited possibilities through the Tacx website. Technical training programs and fitness of the catalyst in the form of tests for a scientific analysis. System requirements: ,.